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Peer reviews of Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes

"Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes" addresses an issue seen frequently in my practice—the self-esteem damage and emotional whiplash that occurs from riding the psychological roller coaster of being in a relationship with a narcissist. The authors shed light on important components such as gas-lighting, issues of power and control, emotional abuse, and manipulation, even in the bedroom. This book is a fun read with candid sharing that will let you know that you are not alone. "Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes" will leave you feeling like you just had a conversation with three great friends who understand your situation and support you in developing greater self-compassion and a healthier, happier future.

This insightful book provides an excellent description of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) through a direct narration of personal experiences. Starting with the onset of a relationship and continuing into intimate emotional states, all of the ingredients of NPD are revealed - including an illustrated fall out. Beyond the myths, hype and over-diagnosis, this book shines light on the true nuances found in being in a relationship with and a person who truly has NPD. With great clarity mysteries are solved in numerous areas; difficulties identifying it, understanding it at a deep level, and most importantly personal ways to effectively deal with it. The insights and the impact on a person's life are all detailed with vivid examples. This book is important and can be specifically helpful across many cultures, including those unfamiliar with NPD. "Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes'"has my highest recommendation!

Living with a partner who has narcissistic personality disorder is challenging—in part this is due to the level of manipulation involved. Partners may ultimately find themselves led to believe that they are the ones with the problem when, in fact, the opposite is true. While one may easily find articles and other literature that discuss warning signs, symptoms, and suggestions toward protecting oneself; "Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes" provides real life personal accounts alongside the clinical interpretation of an experienced professional counselor. For those who believe they might be in a toxic relationship with a partner who has narcissistic personality disorder, you may find yourself resonating with the content of this book. If this is the case, know that you are not alone, and there is help available. The first step toward living a better life is always recognizing what needs to change. Accordingly, "Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes" provides the additional context and insight to establish this awareness—going well beyond trying to make sense of a personality disorder where even seasoned professionals are still learning more.

Lots of discourse has been written through the years about toxic relationships and the experiences people have had with negative boyfriends and girlfriends. “Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes” takes readers inside these well-known and much traveled zones, offering readers a unique and fresh perspective through the eyes of Ginger, Glenn and Phoenix. For all you may have experienced and believe you know about relationships, this book serves as a guide for how to avoid falling for the “narcs” and “predators” in your own life. While “Don’t Believe You Lying Eyes” is very informative, the book also entertains with lots of thoughtful and sensual anecdotes. Anyone who journeys through these pages into the adventures of Ginger, Glenn and Phoenix will certainly leave entertained and equipped with lessons that can be applied to their own lives. You will come to understand the essentiality of seeking truth and expecting authenticity in all of your relationships.